The Process, Frida Kahlo

With the success of exhibiting in Barcelona, and the opportunity to connect with artists all over the world, I have found the confidence to call myself an artist. It’s that newfound confidence that has led to me choosing to invest in myself again – this time signing up for December 2023’s Expo Metro in New York – and wanting to share more of my work. So, today, I’m sharing my research process.


I go all in with research, especially when I’m creating an homage to an iconic artist. The past few years, I’ve been living and breathing all things Frida Kahlo.


Research began with the Aztecs and Mexican Culture – if you didn’t catch my Xochiphili blogpost, you can find that here – and extended into Frida’s life and art.


The research helps me to understand a little more of the character I am portraying.


  • Who were their influences?
  • What did they believe?
  • What was their background? Where did they come from?
  • Why did they choose the style in which they painted?


Collating this information helps to inspire me and better honour their memory. These are artists I already love, and I want to do them justice.


The process is never really over, but it does reach a point where it is ready to evolve from the gathering of information and creating doodles, to creation.


Over time, I’ll be sharing these stages on my Instagram account. But to whet your appetite, here are some never before seen pages from my Mexican sketchbook:



Frida Kahlo MOAMM 1

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 2

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 3

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 4

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 5

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 6

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 7

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 8

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 9

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 10

Frida Kahlo MOAMM 11