Back in October 2020, I drew a Salvador Dalí illustration in a style I not only enjoyed creating but which was very different from what I’m used to. Pattern!

Having posted it on social media, I was bombarded with encouraging feedback and was even approached by someone who wanted to buy the illustration. It’s surprising success led to me making the decision to create another, this time for my favourite of all female powerhouses in history: Frida Kahlo.

I’ve yet to do it. The reason: I keep getting distracted.

You’ve already seen one Aztec Warrior in the style of Salvador Dalí and, more recently, my re-imagined Aztec Sun Stone. Now I’m working on a wallpaper design inspired by the Art of Wallpaper exhibition at Dovecot Studios. But my preliminary research on Mexican patterns led to a deep dive into the history of Mexican arts and the influence of the classic Maya culture, through to the Viceregal era and Diego Rivera. I even returned to the Aztecs again.

And that’s where I still am. Frida Kahlo awaits, and Xochipilli – the Aztec God of Creativity and Pleasurable Endeavours – has taken over.

Check out some pages in my sketchbook:



Aztec Sun Stone MOAMMXochipilli 10 MOAMM