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My Creative Space 2024

Hi, I’m Ranjit! I’m a graphic artist based in Edinburgh.

With 15 years industry experience, I have worked with clients such as NHS Scotland, the Forestry Commission, the Embassy of Nepal, Edinburgh Mela, Aberdeen University, and a myriad of small businesses and start-ups. I’ve also exhibited in London, Barcelona, Times Square, Miami, and Amsterdam.

Creative Love - Monthly Feature

Creative Love - Monthly Feature

Following the success of my blog post Creative Love in the Time of Coronavirus,

I’m keeping the momentum going by showcasing an inspiring creative every month.


Recently Exhibited

A Portrait of Piet

A Portrait of Piet

June 2024

Amsterdam Centraal Station

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”  Albert Einstein

Musings of a Modernist Mind

Now Is Better MOAMM Featured Image

Now Is Better

For me, Stefan Sagmeister is the Salvador Dalí of our time; the 21st century Renaissance Man. Oozing creative genius and ignited by passion, his curiosity lies in so many areas of the creative industry. He is a graphic designer, typographer, and teacher. He collaborates with other designers, family, and friends in product design, fashion, and…

Creative Poster Design MOAMM Featured Image

Shoutout! Marte.

I have just completed Marte’s Domestika course, Creative Poster Design for Events and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Although I have created posters for my clients in the past, I’ve never had full creative freedom. The course gave me a chance to be more fun and free with colour, pattern, and subtle humour because I was…

A Portrait Of Piet MOAMM Featured Image

A Portrait Of Piet

You know me, one thing I love about starting an art piece, is diving into the research: buying new art books, reading various articles and perspectives from online sources and relishing in the artist’s process. It’s even more rewarding when it’s Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian, a recurring influence in my own artistic career.    …

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse MOAMM Featured Image

A Celebration Of Colour

Colour can reflect the overall mood of a scene or movie, enhancing the audience’s cinematic experience. With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – a movie I have watched no less than 15 times – the colour palettes convey an array of emotions. They enhance the relationship between the characters, connecting them with the audience and making…

Artist's Bio MOAMM Featured Image

Artist’s Bio

Being part of Expo Metro, among truly inspirational exhibitors, has really helped me grow in confidence as an artist. It’s why my intention for 2024 is to put myself out there more. So I’d like to share my artist’s bio with you all so you can know me that little bit more. I welcome any…

Accidentally Wes Anderson MOAMM Featured Image

Accidentally Wes Anderson

Back in 2014, I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and fell in love. More than the whimsical script, incredible cinematography, and brilliant cast, I couldn’t help but lose myself in the backdrop’s eccentricity. The flawless symmetry, the nostalgic colour palettes, and, quite simply, the beauty of his direction. Wes Anderson’s spectacular visual style is inspired!…

Amazing Spaces MOAMM Featured Image

Amazing Spaces

Here’s the thing about Edinburgh: With the lack of light in winter it’s really hard to find a space which inspires me. I am not a fan of artificial lighting. Give me an abundance of sunshine please!   While I am lucky enough to have space enough for a dedicated studio, that space is a small…

In Memory of Yoji Harada MOAMM Featured Image

In Memory of Yoji Harada at Expo Metro

I’ve always loved tattoos. Ever since I was first old enough to understand what the peacock on my Dad’s thigh was. I even have a few of my own, each one taking months of meticulous planning. You can imagine my excitement, then, when I discovered Miami Ink on TLC back in 2005. A whole programme…

For The Love Of Frida MOAMM Featured Image

For The Love Of Frida at Expo Metro

For over a year now, I’ve been in the research phase for my Frida Kahlo homage. I’ve delved deep into Mexican art and culture, going as far back as the Aztecs, and have devoured everything Frida related I could get my hands on. But, despite having enough research to create my final portrait, I kept…

Jaume Plensa MOAMM Featured Image

Jaume Plensa

Just when you think Barcelona couldn’t get anymore beautiful, you’re introduced to Flora, who basks in the Spanish sun against a background of Gaudí’s La Pedrera-Casa Milà.   The artist: Jaume Plensa, a Barcelona native renowned for his oversized human sculptures constructed in materials ranging from cast iron and bronze, to marble and wood. His…

The Process, Frida Kahlo MOAMM Featured Image

The Process, Frida Kahlo

With the success of exhibiting in Barcelona, and the opportunity to connect with artists all over the world, I have found the confidence to call myself an artist. It’s that newfound confidence that has led to me choosing to invest in myself again – this time signing up for December 2023’s Expo Metro in New…

Homage to Dalí at Expo Metro MOAMM Featured Image

Homage to Dalí at Expo Metro

Expo Metro has ended, and I’m back from Barcelona. Well, physically at least. Mentally and emotionally I’m still there, riding the creative wave.   The experience has made me realise something about myself, both professionally and personally. Exhibiting my work was important to me, but what was more important was being part of a larger…

In Memory of Mark Speight MOAMM Featured Image

In Memory Of Mark Speight

WOW! Sometimes you find things that transport you right back in time, as if it only happened yesterday. I found this flyer for the ‘colour’ exhibition in which my school art department participated. My entry, an oil pastel colour wheel, was also chosen to be on the promotional material distributed all around Ealing. It’ll be…

Letters to Mama MOAMM Featured Image

Letters to Mama

I am close to completing my research on Frida Kahlo (for this project at least), ready for my final art piece. Having watched the fantastic BBC documentary, Becoming Frida Kahlo, I was compelled to read Letters to Mama, a collection of personal letters written by Frida to her “precious mama” sharing anecdotes of her time in the USA, her…

Expo Metro MOAMM Featured Image

Expo Metro 2023 – Barcelona

I’ve been telling myself I don’t need validation or anyone’s approval my whole life. I never thought I would be so excited about getting it if I ever did. Let alone be grinning ear-to-ear, jumping around in glee and feeling so full of joy at MY work being exhibited!   This isn’t the first time I’ve had…