Creative Love

With the success of Creative Love in the Time of Coronavirus and the momentum of the monthly Creative Love showcase – I continue to discover outstanding and talented Creatives out there. I just had to share again.

Here are my next Top 10 Creatives who have inspired me to thrive in Covid limbo:




Shoot with Juan


Juan has me longing to go back to Barcelona, a place that felt like home and also has me yearning to travel more. The colours, composition and love for these places is so evident in his visual story that I feel like I’m on the journey with him.




Illustrator, Designer & Artist

Rich Banks


The sheer volume of detail in Rich’s work is mind-blowing! I really am unable to say anything more than that… WOW!!!





James Chapman


James’ illustrations POP!!! Depending on the subject matter, they are fun, emotional, reminiscent of things past, unnerving, funny and yet they never lose their brilliance. Being on a smaller scale makes them clever and really effective.





Surface Pattern Designer, Illustrator

Gail Myerscough


I have only recently discovered Gail’s work, and I’m so glad I have. She has made the everyday object, scene and person, colourful and fun. Each element is perfect in its simplicity and it always makes me happy.





Founder of Creative Boom

Katy Cowan

I have followed Creative Boom for a while now but only recently found the passion behind it all. Katy’s zest to share all things creative is inspirational. She’s the real #InspireEmpowerRepeat story. Creative Boom is my go to… always!






Ida Henrich

I was lucky to be featured in the Fearless Femme magazine Ida designed the cover for. Since then, she’s always been on my radar. Her original, raw, real pieces are always thought-provoking, full of life and energy.

Ida Henrich





Isher Dhiman


I knew Isher way back in art class at high school. After many years, I found her again. I always thought Isher’s style was fluid and light. She made it all look so easy. Clearly nothing has changed. Her designs and style are still just that – fluid and light. I so admire her.




Street Photographer

Michelle Rowe


I have lived in Edinburgh for 16 years now, so seeing it through someone else’s eyes is, quite frankly, eye opening. Social documentary, I would call it. Michelle offers us a representation of real people within a filtered, atmospheric and almost other-worldly scene. Edinburgh, we do love you!





Lynn Fraser


Having dabbled in face-painting myself, I know how tricky it can be with a moving subject. For that, I have nothing but admiration for Lynn who uses the skin as her canvas (sometimes even her own). Beautiful designs of colour blends and small details.





My Son the Budding Illustrator

Rohan Sihat Sharma


When Rohan draws, he completely loses himself. He sets himself a task and puts his everything into it. With the global pandemic and all it brings with it, it is so easy to wallow (something I’ve done myself throughout the year) but Rohan hasn’t. He’s powered through, remaining focused. He’s constantly challenging himself and creating different styles of artwork for his sketchbook. He’s been a real inspiration this year – my son, the budding illustrator.