Kefah Bates


Kefah Bates, Spiritual Healer


Following no one path, no religion or spiritual order Kefah Bates dedicates her life to knowing the truth of the soul experience and its relationship to the Holy.




Kefah is every designer’s favourite kind of client. She called me with an exact idea of what she wanted; she just needed me to bring her vision to life.

Having been provided with all the images, I created vectors and brought all the elements together. Being a symbol of energy and spiritual healing with an ethereal quality, I chose a blue/white palette. To enhance the logo more, I added a glow to it. Although this completed the final design, Kefah and I worried it would not present well on certain nature photographs. Kefah made the decision to use both depending on the media type she would be placing it on.



Kefah Bates 1 MOAMM



Kefah Bates 2 MOAMM