Edinburgh Mela



Edinburgh Mela has been running for a number of years providing a high quality festival of music, dance and wider arts from around the world. We are very excited to be a part of the Edinburgh Mela Festival Week 2017.




Over the years the Edinburgh Mela team have used several variations of their logo design which consists of a peacock and a star alongside the typeface. The team were keen on updating their existing logo whilst retaining its familiar feel. Our solution was to condense the logo by removing the peacock and changing the colour scheme to a combination of red, orange and yellow which symbolises the sunrise and a new beginning. Condensing the logo also made it easier to keep the Edinburgh Mela brand consistent across all platforms.

We have been working very closely with the Edinburgh Mela team to produce a series of high quality marketing materials such as flyers, posters and programme guides.











*Please note: part of the work was in collaboration with Illustrator Celeste W. Clark, who provided the background and illustrations for the A3 events programme