Caffeine Addled Ramblings


Gurpreet Sihat – Writer



For the Caffeine Addled Ramblings website, Gurpreet wanted graphics to represent each category that she was covering in her writer’s blog: Readers; Writers; Thinkers. I chose to create her a character, one that could be based on anyone who could relate to her ‘ramblings’. Thus, Skye was born. It wasn’t hard to realise how I wanted Skye positioned in each graphic as I would watch Gurpreet go about her day and so loosely based it on her. The one requirement Gurpreet had was three specific colour palettes that I had to use.

Due to this brief being for my little sister, I also decided to have a little bit of fun and put my own personal graphic elements within hers. Recognise the coffee cup?!






*recent addition – June 2021




“Having already been disappointed so much with what I see in my head not translating to the page perfectly, I wasn’t holding much hope when I asked Ranjit to design graphics for my website. I gave her full creative license, only specifying three specific colour palettes that came from movies that were important to me to represent my film degree. She created something that was beyond perfect. I love Skye!”