Himalayan Centre for Arts & Culture


Dr Mark Watson, Director


The Himalayan Centre is a community project based in Leith. Once it opens its doors to the public it will be a vibrant, cultural hub which will be recognised for its innovative approach in bringing people together to celebrate and share different and rich cultures from around the world. The Himalayan Centre aims to foster good relations between communities, promote well-being and community resilience through the arts, cultural and other activities.




The Himalayan Centre wanted to create and sustain a brand for a new and exciting project which would act as a hub for creativity, celebrating culture and difference within the communities.

The logo was made up of three main elements to symbolise the various aspects of the centre. The figures in the middle, bent into the shape of Yin and Yang, symbolise ‘equality’. The waving position of the hand are for friendliness and acceptance, while the open fingers of the hand represent openness and trust.

Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It’s associated with joy and enthusiasm while encouraging stimulation and warmth. Deep red is associated with energy, strength and determination. It’s where creativity thrives.









Himalayan Centre 1 MOAMM



Client Project - Himalayan Centre for Arts & Culture 5 MOAMM




“Ranjit has helped us enormously with our branding, promotional literature and website. She was quick to understand the project rationale and our requirements, and produced innovative, creative ideas. I am very happy to endorse her work and have no hesitation in recommending her.”