Expo Metro 2023 – Barcelona

Expo Metro MOAMM

I’ve been telling myself I don’t need validation or anyone’s approval my whole life. I never thought I would be so excited about getting it if I ever did. Let alone be grinning ear-to-ear, jumping around in glee and feeling so full of joy at MY work being exhibited!


This isn’t the first time I’ve had pieces on display, but this one is special.


It’s in Barcelona! The city of the genius, Antoni Gaudí.


Barcelona has felt like a home away from home to me since we visited in 2019. Our visit was pre-pandemic – we were in lockdown shortly after – so I held on to that feeling and followed all things Barcelona on Instagram. A few weeks ago, I saw Expo Metro’s Instagram story. All I read was Barcelona, being part of the art tunnel, and previous expos in Miami Beach, Paris, New York. Naturally, I went straight to Google to see what Expo Metro was.


The Expo Metro – Where Artists Meet People

Mission: To make art accessible to everyone in outdoor public spaces

Goal: To replace 1% of outdoor advertising with art




To be part of something like this, and with other artists from all around the world, appealed to me.


On my website I promote #CreativeLove for creatives every month. Artists supporting Artists. But I don’t really do much to support myself as one. It was time!


So, filled with the fear of putting myself and my work out into the world juxtaposed with the confidence that it’s time because I am good enough, I submitted Homage To Dalí to Expo Metro.


Now, I’m going to Barcelona in June.