Artist’s Bio

Being part of Expo Metro, among truly inspirational exhibitors, has really helped me grow in confidence as an artist. It’s why my intention for 2024 is to put myself out there more. So I’d like to share my artist’s bio with you all so you can know me that little bit more. I welcome any feedback.

Be gentle. 😉


“Ranjit is an Edinburgh based graphic designer with over 15 years experience. Having worked with organisations such as NHS Scotland, the Embassy of Nepal, and Aberdeen University, she built a successful freelance career as In Motion Designs.


Realising that somewhere along the way, her creative love had wavered, Ranjit decided to go back to the beginning, creating for herself and celebrating others who fed her inspiration. Little did she know, it would be the start of a new artistic journey.


Forever the designer, Ranjit works in a graphic medium and her artwork is eclectic in style as she draws inspiration from a wide range of movements. Lichtenstein and Mondrian have been a powerful source of that inspiration since her art class days along with Bauhaus, Constructivism, Suprematism, De Stijl, and Pop Art. She is equally enamoured with the surrealists, specifically Dalí, and the simple and uncomplicated aesthetic of tattoo design.


Trained as a visual merchandiser, Ranjit prefers to work in sets of three, as she was taught ‘two is too few and four is too many.’ She is currently working on her third architectural piece.


She first displayed at London’s Pitshanger Manor and Gallery and the Handel House Museum, annd most recently in Barcelona, New York, and Miami Beach. She is soon to be exhibiting in Amsterdam.


The fundamental premise behind Ranjit’s work is to celebrate the world around her.”





*side note: these were my business cards as In Motion Designs


In Motion Designs Original Business Card MOAMM

In Motion Designs Business Card MOAMM