Amazing Spaces

Here’s the thing about Edinburgh: With the lack of light in winter it’s really hard to find a space which inspires me. I am not a fan of artificial lighting. Give me an abundance of sunshine please!


While I am lucky enough to have space enough for a dedicated studio, that space is a small box room without windows and the natural light I crave. I was raised to be imaginative though, so when I find inspiration wavering, I visualise myself in one of my favourite artists studios.


Here are my top 5:



Okuda San Miguel 1 MOAMM

Okuda San Miguel 2 MOAMM

Okuda San Miguel 3 MOAMM

Okuda San Miguel 4 MOAMM

Okuda San Miguel 5 MOAMM



Sebastian Ariel Curi


Sebastian Ariel Curi a MOAMM

Sebastian Ariel Curi 2 MOAMM

Sebastian Ariel Curi 3 MOAMM

Sebastian Ariel Curi 4 MOAMM

Sebastian Ariel Curi 5 MOAMM



Malika Favre


Malika Favre 1 MOAMM

Malika Favre 2 MOAMM

Malika Favre 3 MOAMM

Malika Favre 4 MOAMM

Malika Favre 5 MOAMM



Camille Walala


Camille Walala 1 MOAMM

Camille Walala 2 MOAMM

Camille Walala 3 MOAMM

Camille Walala 4 MOAMM

Camille Walala 5 MOAMM



Dan Santino


Dan Santino 1 MOAMM

Dan Santino 2 MOAMM

Dan Santino 3 MOAMM

Dan Santino 4 MOAMM

Dan Santino 5 MOAMM