2021 Creative Round-Up

2021: what a year!



Many of my clients have been forced to adjust their lives in the midst of pandemic life. Some have had no repeat funding or have unfortunately had to shut shop, and others have so little financial stability that they are doing their own business marketing with free templates to keep their head above water. With only the one client for 2021, I have had to do the same thing. I understand their predicament so much so that I can’t even bring myself to be upset about it. This time out has, however, taken me on a great big creative journey…



I have, finally, made progress on my research on the Mexican art scene from the Maya and Aztecs, to the 20th Century and Frida Kahlo. Research done, this year is the year I create my first Frida product… WATCH THIS SPACE!

My sketchbooks are also beginning to fill again and though my mind is fraught with financial anxiety I know if I keep going, I will figure it out. I’m even enrolling in some online courses to build on my skills and learn new ones this year. This is where my 2021 biggest achievement has been: staying inspired and connected…



The second half of this year has been teeming with inspiration. I have bought more books this year than when I was a student, ranging from The Diary of Frida Kahlo, to Malika Favre’s collection of stunning illustrations, Tad Carpenter’s Sunday Suns and Made by James: The Honest Guide to Creativity and Logo Design (still eagerly awaiting its arrival). I attended the Adobe Max Creative Conference, and the legendary Ray Harryhausen exhibition. I dedicated weekends to virtual art movie nights with my sister (still think Adrien Brody should do a Dalí movie of his own), AND I have made a conscious effort to talk to other creatives as a result discovering new and fantastic online portfolios:



Andrey Kopirin


Andrey Kopirin – Digital Artist

Woman in Turban


Anastasia Suvorova


Anastasia Suvorova – Printmaker & Illustrator




Jorge Artola


Jorge Artola – Freelance Art Director & Motion Designer




Kate Rado


Kate Rado – Artist

A Tasty Memory



Ray Dak Lam


Ray Dak Lam – Designer & Illustrator

Shape Studies: 031





CellinaLai – Photographer





Hongchao – Artist

Man of Steel Superman THE ONE series



Jason Smith Photography


Jason Smith – Photographer

URBANSCAPE photographic series



Street Art By Bike


Street Art by Bike – Street Art Photographer



Gonzalo 'Kalli' Alvarez


Gonzalo “Kalli” Alvarez – Artist




Shout Out

A HUGE shout out to James Martin aka Made By James. With his honesty and openness about his own creative journey, he has, in 2021, given me the confidence not to hide who I am, reminded me that it’s okay to question what I am (2022 will most likely be me transitioning from Graphic Designer back to my beginnings as an Artist) and encouraged me to be confident with where I am going. His words are now my morning mantra:




And so I thank 2021 for setting me up for what I know will be an incredible 2022. And to you, readers, I say: Happy New Year!