The Grand Budapest Hotel MOAMM Featured Image

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel. A movie so perfectly put together that each still reads like a Tennyson poem. A visual spectacle of artistic brilliance in the background together with the simple yet cleverly told story in the foreground. Every detail is delicately precise and purposefully positioned: the lift scenes for example, though set against a plain background, the placing of the characters and the strong colours evoke a sense of dramatic urgency which harmonises well with the comical timing as the lift slowly moves. Similarly, Zeidler’s balanced, symmetrical compositions act as a grandiose backdrop to the few but effective characters, and though the characters move in haste, the scenes remain somewhat magnificently still, a wonder when this method also works on the moving train scenes. The entire movie is marvellously full of surprises, contrasts, similarities and is a real delight to lose yourself in. It is a movie that epitomises conceptual art, design and illustration in its entirety and I love it!