A Creative Drought

As a designer, it’s so easy to go through what I like to call a creative drought. You get so caught up in the daily grind of your client’s vision and what they want, that your own inner creativity can dry up. As a result, your work becomes mediocre and begins to lack passion and inspiration. When this happens STOP! Take a step back and recognise it. I had to.

My best designs have come to me when I have been free from the constraints of time and routine and allowed myself to go out and see an exhibition or watch the latest art programme on TV. It was after watching BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge that my love for upcycling began. Who would have thought that finding something old and creating anew could be so rewarding and open a whole other level of creativity… and what fun!


This is my new Piet Mondrian inspired clock, upcycled from a worn out, old, broken clock in need of some love and attention: